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EmCee Research is a quality-focused market research recruiting firm serving the entire southern United States

Areas We Serve

We aren’t just cities!  We recruit and host projects across the entire southern United States.  From the big city to hard-to-reach rural communities, we are your experts at recruiting in the south.


Consumer, healthcare, legal, medical, non-profit.  You name it, we know it.


Fifteen states and growing across the south.


Highly trained, experienced recruiters and professionally furnished facilities.

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We Know Research

The Emcee Way

Why Choose Emcee?

Recruiting participants. Hosting groups.  Let us take those two tasks off your plate and deliver great recruits in a great environment.

Local Expertise

Our recruiters know the areas they recruit in, and our project managers are experts in the region. We do our best to make every project feasible at a consistently high level of quality.

Fully In-House

No outsourcing here. Our recruiters are 100% in-house, full-time employees. With low turnover, our staff is loaded with experience.

Legal Experience

With a lawyer on staff, EmCee Research understands the unique nature of legal research and has recruiters trained in handling such unique and sensitive work.


High Quality, Engaged Participants



103 Ratings
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"First time doing a focus group and thoroughly enjoyed it! The moderator was great at engaging everyone in an interesting discussion. The staff did a great job of organizing and making everybody comfortable. Would love to do more!"
Sean Stone
I felt our topic was very interesting and important! I loved the group I was in and the staff was extremely professional and friendly"
Jennifer Bordelon
"I truly enjoyed being apart of something that can make our community better. New Orleans Perspectives allowed people to come together with ideals that may help our community. The program is very well organized and inviting. The presenter was professional which made the whole experience better.
Phyllis Tumblin
"Very interesting and professional group. Staff is friendly, topics were explained in a clear way, I felt very comfortable sharing my thoughts and that my time counts"
Elena Cole

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