In-Person Focus Group Recruitment

Bring the perfect participants into one room to spark crucial dialogues surrounding your product or service

How does your target market perceive your brand? Together, we’ll find out. Of all the market research methods out there, few are as effective as live focus groups. Hear from a collective of consumers that represent your audience, gathering priceless feedback on your concept.

Do you need to recruit for an in-person market research focus group for your upcoming qualitative research project? Recruiting quality participants can be a challenge, especially for in-person focus groups where people must be incentivized to take the time to travel to your location and spend several hours immersing in discussions surrounding your product, service, or concept.

At EmCee Research, we are proud to offer reliable market research recruitment at scale and speed. We’ve spent years refining our unique methods to pinpoint and qualify the best focus group study participants for a wide range of projects, whether you’re a market research company or a startup business looking to gauge public interest in your new product or service.

Why In-Person Focus Groups?

In-person focus groups are also powerful because the on-site moderator can identify non-verbal cues in the moment, empowering us to personalize the dialogue accordingly. To learn more about EmCee’s in-person focus group recruitment services and how we can maximize discussions and data, start a conversation with our friendly team today.