Focus Groups at Hotels

Meet your audience where they are, anywhere in the US

Exceptional Service

Nationwide Reach - We handle the details

On-Site Focus Groups at Hotels are the Future of Market Research

The Power of Physical Presence

With our Pop Up Focus Groups, you’re not just another face on a screen—you’re a trusted brand representative sitting across the table. When you meet your target audience in their own locale, you build a stronger emotional connection. This real-world contact helps you understand not just what people think, but why they think it. In short, you get a level of insight that’s impossible to achieve online.


Nationwide, Hyper-Local Insights

Why limit yourself to general findings when you can get hyper-local? Need to understand the outdoor gear market in Colorado or the fast food preferences in rural Mississippi? With Pop Up Focus Groups, you can get region-specific insights that online groups can’t provide. You define the target, we handle the logistics.


The Limitations of Online Focus Groups

Sure, online focus groups might seem convenient and fast. But let’s be real, they lack the depth and nuance that you get from in-person interactions. The subtleties of body language, the candidness that comes from direct dialogue, and the ability to probe deeper into responses—these are the qualitative insights you’re missing when you go digital. Not to mention the possibility of missing out on insights because participants can’t connect.

Sit Back, We've Got This

Effortless Planning

Once we’ve zeroed in on your target area, we handle all the gritty details. From scouting and booking the perfect hotel space to setting up the technical gear, we’ve got it covered. You won’t have to lift a finger—unless it’s to give us a thumbs-up, of course!

State-of-the-Art Setup

Quality data requires quality equipment. We come equipped with top-of-the-line cameras and microphones to ensure every nuance is captured. Plus, the setup is so seamless, participants can walk in and immediately feel comfortable, encouraging authentic and candid discussions.

Real-Time Observations

Don’t want to sit in the actual focus group room? No worries. We provide a live feed to a back client viewing room, allowing you and your team to observe in real-time without affecting the group dynamics. This also allows you to pivot your line of questioning or dive deeper into emerging themes on the fly.

Remote Accessibility

Can’t make it in person? We offer high-quality remote streaming options so you can tune in from anywhere. This feature is perfect for decentralized teams or stakeholders who can’t be physically present but still want to be part of the action.

Flawless Execution

From moderating the discussion to managing the technology, our skilled team ensures everything runs without a hitch. Your only job? Absorb the invaluable insights unfolding before your eyes.